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We are made of desires, obsessions, vices, violence, confusion and circular thoughts that go around and around and repeat themselves over and over. All these things have something in common: antes de manifestarse, pican


I am me and i paint just to paint. I don't  like to explain things too much, my work speaks for me, it expresses what is going on with me, what I see, what catches my attention and what wears me down. I like tired faces, cigarettes, to spray, scratch and paint without thinking. As to my style, I would probably define it as raw, throbbing, impatient and fast. I write and try to contaminate my images with my words.


I get bored stuck on one thing, so I use everything: Oil paint, solvent, ink, pencil, crayons, spray-paint; and most times all at once. I'm drawn to the incomplete and dirty; I love palette-browns and abusing my material as if I were rich.

jazzy dope statement artista madrid
jazzy dope statement artista madrid

Me gustan las miradas cansadas, los cigarrillos, salpicar, arañar y pintar sin pensar. En cuanto a mi estilo, creo que lo definiría como algo crudo, palpitante, impaciente y rápido. Escribo y trato de contaminar mi obra gráfica con mis palabras.


Me aburre estancarme con una misma línea, así que uso de todo: Óleo, disolvente, tinta, lápiz, ceras, spray y la mayoría de las veces todo a la vez. Me atrae lo incompleto, lo sucio, me encanta el marrón-paleta y maltratar el material como si fuera rico.

jazzy dope artista madrid arte madrileño
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