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A construction company a friend of mine was working at contacted me asking, "Do you know anyone who could paint a 10x3 meter mural?". I replied by volunteering myself. The thing was, I had never painted something so big in my life and, on top of that, I  hadn't  painted on a wall in around 8 years.


It was quite a challenge, my first art mural and such a colossal size. Just to make it even more difficult, I barely had any time due to my job so I ended up painting it in dribs and drabs, squeezing it in the little free time I had. It was stressful and a pleasure to paint and I'm very proud of the result. You can find it on the Underground Level 1 of the Talent Garden office building in Madrid, near the Estación Sur bus station.


I hope I can do another one soon.

Sin título-1.jpg
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